【NEWS】Commitment to [MADE IN USA]! Limited quantity sales start

Introducing 2 types of backpacks that are convenient for daily use and are made in America, the birthplace of MADDEN. You can purchase it only at SHIPS and our shop. The quantity is limited, so if you don't hesitate to get it, it will be difficult to obtain. [merchandise]・MADDEN MARKSMAN ¥31,600 (tax included)・MADDEN DAN'SPACK ¥25,960 (tax included)

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[PRESS] Introduced on MEN'S NON-NO WEB!

On MEN'S NON-NO WEB August 17, 2022, a bespoke product from MADDEN x NANO universe is introduced as"Correct answer #2 for popular select shop collaboration & bespoke accessories to buy in August". [Publication product]・MADDEN backpack ¥15,400・MADDEN Tote ¥7,920 (both Nano Universe x Meden) Here is the publication page: https://www.mensnonno.jp/post/226617/?cx_top=news *Because it is a nano-universe bespoke product, it is not available at our store. For inquiries about products , please contact Nano Universe Customer Service.

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